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The Rise of the Golden Dawn: The New Face of the Far Right in Greece
South European Society and Politics (2013)
  • Antonis A. Ellinas, University of Cyprus
The article examines the rise of the one of the most extremist political parties in Europe, the Golden Dawn. It sketches the historical trajectory of the Greek far right, examines the ideological, organisational and voter profile of the Golden Dawn, and offers possible explanations for its breakthrough in the 2012 elections. The article shows how the economic crisis has brought about a massive realignment of the Greek electorate away from mainstream parties, giving rise to anti-system and anti-immigrant sentiments. The violent tactics of the Golden Dawn allowed the party to establish an anti-system and anti-immigrant profile, and capitalize on these sentiments. The future of the party will depend on its capacity to organisationally absorb future tensions between party pragmatists and idealists.
  • Golden Dawn,
  • far right,
  • Greece,
  • Southern Europe,
  • violence
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Antonis A. Ellinas. "The Rise of the Golden Dawn: The New Face of the Far Right in Greece" South European Society and Politics Vol. 18 Iss. 4 (2013)
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