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Curriculum Vitae
  • Antonio Morales-Pita, DePaul University


Antonio E. Morales-Pita

5740 N. Sheridan Rd., Unit 5-D Cell phone number: (773) 791-1864

Chicago, IL 60660 Home telephone and fax number: (773) 942-0023

E-mail address:

Objective: Adjunct Faculty of Economics

Special skills:

1. A solid experience in academic settings of American, Mexican, Ukrainian and Cuban higher

education institutions. I am recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award 2007 at DePaul

University (the first adjunct faculty instructor to receive this award since its inception twenty years

ago at the College of Commerce).

2. Deep knowledge of economics, international studies, mathematics and scientific research.

3. Demonstrated effectiveness as a dedicated teacher, proven by the student evaluations received since I

arrived in this country in 1996. While in Cuba, I was recipient of the Outstanding Professor of

the Cuban Higher Education System Award in 1989, as well as of the Outstanding Professor of the

Republic of Cuba Award in 1985.

4. Multilingual and multicultural teaching experience in Cuba, Mexico and the United States for more

than forty years.

5. The main characteristics in the teaching-learning process can be summarized as follows: a) deep

knowledge ability about the subject matter, backed-up by appropriate pedagogical skills b)persistent

enthusiasm in the classroom and motivation for involvement in every class; c)strong motivation for

applying theory to practice; d) strong motivation for pursuing courses related to Economics, and for

choosing the most adequate major in accordance with their interests, skills and intellectual gifts.


• 2nd PhD. in Economic Sciences (specialization: nation wide development planning in agric-industrial economics) at the Institute of Economics of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine, 1990.

• Ph.D. in Economics (specialization: quantitative methods) at the same institution mentioned above, 1982

• Master in Science in Operations Research at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland, 1971.

• Bachelor of Science in Economics at the University of Havana, Cuba, 1967.

Professional Experience:

Position Work content Period

Invited Assistant Professor at the International Studies Program Professor of International Political Economy, Global Connections, Seminar for Seniors, Economics in the International Context, and Focal Point Karl Marx. 2009 -

Part-time Professor at DePaul University Professor of global connections and Focal Point [International Studies Program], Global Economies, Introductory Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, Introduction to Money and Banking, Economics for Decision-Making. [Department of Economics], and Sustainable Development [Department of Public Policy] 1997 - 2009

Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at St. Augustine College, Chicago 1- To lead the Department of Academic Affairs

2- To participate in the annual budget for Academic Affairs and some special programs.

3- To lead the enrollment and retention committees at college level

4- To participate in the strategic plan of the college

5- To supervise academic grants

6- To propose the creation of new degrees to the Illinois Board of Higher Education and to the NCA.

7- To lead the re-accreditation process of the Institution

8- To coordinate and to supervise the work of the five accreditation committees

9- To represent the institution in external constituencies’ committees related to academic affairs.

10- To analyze credentials and to recommend approval of full-time and adjunct faculty 2004 -2006

Special Assistant to the President for New Programs Institutional Re-search and As-sessment, at St. Augustine Col-lege, Chicago 1- To create new programs, including economic evaluation and market studies.

2-To develop institutional research studies.

3- To support the assessment program of the college.

2002 -2004

Chair, Business Department at St. Augustine College 1 - To conduct the department

2 - To lecture on Economics and Business

3 - To work on the Strategic Commission of the College 1996 -2002

Visiting Professor at the Graduate Center, Merida's Institute of Tech-nology, Mexico 1- To lead multidisciplinary research team about economic and sustainable development in Yucatan State agric-industrial production

2- To coordinate grants with private and public institutions to support research.

3- Professor of management, quantitative methods and research methodology 1994 -96

Visiting Professor at the College of Economics, Uni-versity of Yucatan 1- To lead multidisciplinary research team focused on sustainable agricultural development

2- To coordinate grants with the private sector and the State Government to support research.

3- Professor of economics, quantitative methods and research methodology 1993-95

Professor at the College of Econ-omics, University of Havana 1- To lead multidisciplinary research team in sugar agric-industry.

2- To coordinate research activity in ten Cuban universities in the sugar agric-industry.

3- To coordinate research activity with the Research Institute of the Ministry of Sugar.

4- Professor of operational research and research methodology. 1965-1993

Publications: Seven books and 128 papers in Cuban, Mexican, Ukrainian and American journals specialized in applied mathematics to economics and management. Participation in more than one hundred twelve scientific seminars with about 98 different papers related to the application of mathematics to economics.

Awards: Media Star Award 2008 and Excellence in Teaching Award 2007 at DePaul University, Cátedra Patrimonial de Excelencia by the Mexican Institute of Research in Higher Education in 1994, as well as numerous awards for outstanding pedagogic and scientific achievements granted by the Cuban Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba, and the University of Havana (in the period 1982 – 1990) .

Languages: I can fluently speak, write and read in English, Spanish, and Russian. I can also acceptably speak, write and read in Italian and French.

Chicago, January 2011

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Spring May 28, 2011
This is my curriculum vitae and it can be accessed by anybody interested in my scientific and pedagogic career.
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