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Proposal for the manuscript "How to Inspire Anyone"
  • Antonio Morales-Pita, DePaul University

The purpose of this self-help book is not so much to attempt to define inspiration, but actually to explore how inspiration motivates people to go forward in whatever they are undertaking and how people can maintain lasting inspiration over time. How to Inspire Anyone is an interactive guide that will train anyone to be the source of their own inspiration, which will in turn allow them to be an inspiration to others. By engaging in the book’s exercises and activities, readers will uncover paths to inspiration so that they are empowered to achieve their goals. Because How to Inspire Anyone focuses on many different types of inspiration, it will appeal to readers facing a wide range of challenges, such as those faced in education, parenting, and business. It does not provide specific tactics and strategies of inspiration required for each and every situation; rather, it walks readers through the process of learning a general skill and then applying it with persistence until one’s goal is attained.

  • Inspiration
Publication Date
Winter February 16, 2011
Citation Information
Antonio Morales-Pita. "Proposal for the manuscript "How to Inspire Anyone"" (2011)
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