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Religiosidad, Democracia, Laicismo
— (2009)
  • Antonio-Carlos Pereira-Menaut, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
In the discussion on religion-democracy-secularism, several Catholic authors make some mistakes. Firstly, they accept a historical «mea culpa» that is not always well founded, and they accept to discuss on State’s terms. They also indulge in «Eurocentrism», and undervalue certain factors in the conflict: the State’s «vocation of Church», Sovereignty, the displacement of politics towards what is personal and the loss of public validity of three important visions: the specific nature of politics, the basic agreement, and the general legal mass of rules and fundamental principles.
  • Estado moderno,
  • religión,
  • secularismo,
  • democracia
Publication Date
Fall December, 2009
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This is a revised and slightly different version of "NOTA SOBRE RELIGIOSIDAD Y DEMOCRACIA". Not to be published or reproduced in any way destined to the public without the author's permission in writing. Citation or reproduction of some parts is allowed, provided the source is clearly stated. Reproduction and printing for personal use only is allowed.
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