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Digging Deeper: Trends by Discipline after 4+ Years into Winthrop’s PDA Program
Against the Grain (2016)
  • Antje Mays
This article is the second in a three-part collection assessment study. Through extensive data analyses and visualizations, this research study compares expenditures and usage patterns and trends between hardcopy circulation and specific types of eBook collections. The study includes four complete fiscal years of data (year 2011/2012 through 2014/2015) gleaned from the old integrated library system (ILS, plus partial-year data from July 1, 2015 through February 18, 2016 gleaned from the new ILS.

This second of three articles shows expenditures and usage trends in more depth by discipline for print and eBooks from year 2011/12 through 2014/15, as well as preliminary usage data gleaned from our new integrated library system (ILS) through February 18, 2016. Following the practice of the previous article, this article offers insights for data-informed collection decisions.

  • assessment,
  • collection assessment,
  • collection management,
  • data analysis,
  • data visualization
Publication Date
December, 2016
Citation Information
Antje Mays. “Digging Deeper: Trends by Discipline after 4+ Years into Winthrop’s PDA Program.” Against the Grain, vol.28:no.5 (December 2016/January 2017), pp.67-73. ISSN: 1043-2094 Available at: