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Winthrop, Fount of Knowledge: On University-Industry Knowledge Partnerships
Winthrop Conference on Teaching and Learning / Winthrop University (2016)
  • Antje Mays
Rock Hill and York County economic development and revitalization vision includes raising local area skill sets to shift the economy toward tech and other professional areas, and interesting college graduates in staying in the area. This presentation will bring together employment research, evolving skill needs in growing industries in the local area’s economy, and education and training strategies in university settings.

Employers and educators alike widely converge on the need for industry-specific knowledge, technical competencies, academic foundations, analysis and synthesis, and a variety of soft skills including a spirit of inquiry, work ethic, communication and collaborative skills, and integrity. Global research on skill needs includes OECD’sLearning for Jobs series, the Manpower Group’s Talent Shortage Survey, and the Executive Opinion Survey in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report. Local skill needs are informed by educational attainment data and the Rock Hill Knowledge Park initiative’s research on targeted growth industries.

How can a traditional university, as opposed to a technical college or training institute, catch the wave of enhancing skills in the local community? Intellectual, informational, and technological infrastructures already at Winthrop are showcased. Some international programs provide how-to insights: An Italian university’s training course developed for teaching Medical English to employees of a hospital, a Thai course in Business English for corporate employees, and University College London’s short programs across a variety of fields are just a few of many examples of on-site, online, and hybrid instruction focused on specific skill areas.
  • economic development,
  • education,
  • human capital,
  • workforce development,
  • training,
  • teaching,
  • university-industry partnership
Publication Date
February 6, 2016
This presentation combines Knowledge Park research and global human capital research from my dissertation.
(Winthrop Conference on Teaching and Learning link February 6, 2016)
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Antje Mays. "Winthrop, Fount of Knowledge: On University-Industry Knowledge Partnerships" Winthrop Conference on Teaching and Learning / Winthrop University (2016)
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