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Review: Dancing From Past to Present: Nation, Culture, Identities (Madison, 2006); Dance and Society: Dancer as a Cultural Performer. Re-appraising Our Past, Moving Into the Future (Budapest, 2005)
Pomona Faculty Publications and Research
  • Anthony Shay, Pomona College
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Book Review
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  • dance,
  • culture,
  • history
The large international participation of scholars, many of them young graduate students, in the recent CND/CORD/SDHS conference in Paris (June 21-27, 2007), along with new publications in the field and the spread of world dance courses in colleges and universities in many regions of the world, suggest the need for increasingly sophisticated research publications. New publications featuring the works of well-known senior scholars are cause for celebration by those of us attempting to meet research and student demand for new sources of information that feature new conceptual, theoretical, and methodological approaches. In the past few years scholars have produced an exciting array of monographs and collections of essays important to the field of world dance or dance ethnology.

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Anthony Shay (2008). Review of Theresa Jill Buckland 'Dancing from Past to Present: Nation, Culture, Identities' Dance Research Journal, 40, pp 95-98. doi:10.1017/S0149767700001431.