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At Home in the Museum: Pierre Loti, Self-Collected, Self-Possessed
Image [&] Narrative (2007)
  • Anthony Purdy, The University of Western Ontario

Suspended between metaphor and metonymy, between the spatial logic of the collection and the scenario of the personal that was the life of its owner, Pierre Loti's house in Rochefort participates in the same transvestism as his novels. This article explores the house museum as a heterotopia in which the synchronous time of the collection is open to disruption by the souvenir's reference to past events, to the biography of the collector.

  • Loti,
  • house-museum,
  • heterotopia,
  • collecting
Publication Date
February, 2007
Citation Information
Anthony Purdy. "At Home in the Museum: Pierre Loti, Self-Collected, Self-Possessed" Image [&] Narrative Vol. 7 Iss. 3 (2007)
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