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Human Rights in the Arab World: Independent Voices
  • Anthony Chase, Occidental College
  • Amr Hamzawy

Human Rights In The Arab World: Independent Voices is an anthology of essays by learned authors about the unfortunate and longstanding marginalization of human rights in the Arab world, the obstacles that bar the way to implementing these rights, and pathways to improve human rights and welfare in the future. Individual essays also discuss the intersection of globalization and human rights, the especial plight of women's rights in the Arab world, case studies in Yemeni, Egypt, and Morocco, the difficulties faced by activists and NGOs pushing for human rights, and much more. A sober, serious-minded compilation of a vital current problem, especially recommended for library reference shelves.

  • Political Science,
  • Human Rights
Publication Date
Anthony Chase, Amr Hamzawy
University of Pennsylvania Press
Citation Information
Anthony Chase and Amr Hamzawy. Human Rights in the Arab World: Independent Voices. reprint(2008)
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