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Andrews Autumn Conference on Religion and Science
  • Ante Jeroncic, Andrews University
Presenter Status
Associate Professor of Ethics and Theology
Biology Amphitheater, Price Hall 106
Start Date
28-10-2017 9:00 AM
End Date
28-10-2017 9:20 AM


The devotional explores the intersection of ethics and epistemology through the “deadly sin” of acedia (or sloth) and the moral dimension of ignorance entailed in it. In particular, it juxtaposes the acedia-ignorance nexus to 2 Peter 1:5-9 and its argument about the interconnectedness of virtue—including enkrateia or self-control—and access to (some forms of) truth. Education

BA, Andrews University
MA, Stellenbosch University
PhD, The University of Chicago Biography

Ante Jerončić's scholarship and teaching focus on the intersection of constructive Adventist theology and culture, especially as it relates to contemporary ethical and philosophical issues. More specifically, he is interested in questions of divine providence and evil, the relationship of ethics and aesthetics, religion and violence, and human identity in the context of postmodernity. He currently works on a book project exploring the idea of apocalyptic consciousness as the organizing motif for an Adventist theology and spirituality of existence.

Professor Jerončić strongly believes that the depth and relevance of the Adventist faith needs to be communicated in fresh and creative ways both within the church and the culture at large. To that end, he frequently gives lectures and seminars focusing on themes such as Adventist identity, discipleship in the modern world, the character of God and human suffering, and the Sermon on the Mount. He is married to Debbie to whom he feels indebted beyond what words can express.

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Ante Jeroncic. "Worship" (2017)
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