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Optical Waveguiding in Bent-Core Liquid-Crystal Filaments
Physical Review E
  • Jake Fontana
  • C. Bailey
  • Wolfgang Weissflog
  • I. Janossy
  • Antal Jakli, Kent State University - Kent Campus
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  • achiral molecules,
  • phase
We demonstrate optical waveguiding in recently discovered free-standing bent-core liquid-crystal filaments. The bent-core liquid-crystal molecules in air self-assemble into a cylindrical geometry that is "solidlike" along the radial direction of the filament and liquid in the axial direction of the filament. These filaments are unique not only because they are fluids, but also because they are anisotropic. For this reason, their waveguiding properties not predictable need to be characterized. The light power transmitted through the filament was found to be independent of temperature from 180 degrees C to near room temperature. Initial defects of newly pulled filaments were found to self-anneal, thus leaving defect-free fibers, where light scattering was found to be insignificant. The absorbance was found to be strongly wavelength dependent in the visible regime and relatively small in the infrared range. A self-assembled optical waveguide with self-annealing fluid properties may have promising applications in optical communications or in optical microchips.

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Jake Fontana, C. Bailey, Wolfgang Weissflog, I. Janossy, et al.. "Optical Waveguiding in Bent-Core Liquid-Crystal Filaments" Physical Review E Vol. 80 Iss. 3 (2009)
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