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Large Flow Birefringence of Nematogenic Bent-Core Liquid Crystals
Physical Review Letters
  • C. Bailey
  • Katalin Fodor-Csorba
  • Rafael Verduzco
  • Jim T. Gleeson
  • Samuel N. Sprunt
  • Antal Jakli, Kent State University - Kent Campus
Publication Date
Document Type
  • banana-shaped molecules,
  • shear-flow,
  • viscoelastic solutions,
  • Tetrahedratic phase,
  • Nematic transition,
  • achiral molecules,
  • isotropic-phase,
  • complex,
  • polymers,
  • Mesogens
We have found that bent-core liquid crystalline materials show exceptionally large intrinsic flow birefringence in their isotropic liquid phase. This effect is more than 100 times larger than typical values measured for low molecular weight liquid crystals. The specific flow birefringence (i.e., normalized by the flow viscosity) is an order of magnitude larger than in both side-chain polymeric as well as low molecular weight liquid crystals. We propose that this large enhancement for bent-core compounds may be attributed to nanoscale smecticlike clusters that persist above the nematic-isotropic transition temperature, and shear align under shear flow; however, this mechanism has not yet been definitively confirmed.

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Citation Information
C. Bailey, Katalin Fodor-Csorba, Rafael Verduzco, Jim T. Gleeson, et al.. "Large Flow Birefringence of Nematogenic Bent-Core Liquid Crystals" Physical Review Letters Vol. 103 Iss. 23 (2009)
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