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Second-Harmonic Generation in a Bent-Core Nematic Liquid Crystal
Physical Review E
  • Seung Ho Hong
  • J. C. Williams
  • Robert J. Twieg
  • Antal Jakli, Kent State University - Kent Campus
  • Jim T. Gleeson
  • Samuel N. Sprunt
  • Brett Ellman
Publication Date
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  • harmonic-generation,
  • centrosymmetric material,
  • Rayleigh-scattering,
  • phase,
  • molecules,
  • tensor,
  • sphere,
  • media
Second-Second-harmonic generation (SHG) is studied in the magnetically aligned nematic phase of a bent-core liquid crystal (BCN) and compared to similar measurements made on a conventional rodlike (calamitic) nematic compound. The second-harmonic (SH) light detected from both materials is predominantly due to scattering and therefore incoherent. Results on the calamitic are consistent with a polarization induced by ordinary director fluctuations in the nematic phase. However, the SH scattering collected in the BCN exhibits a different temperature and angular dependence. We discuss how these differences could arise from the effects of short-range correlated, smectic-C-type molecular clusters, which have been detected in recent studies on various BCN materials.

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Seung Ho Hong, J. C. Williams, Robert J. Twieg, Antal Jakli, et al.. "Second-Harmonic Generation in a Bent-Core Nematic Liquid Crystal" Physical Review E Vol. 82 Iss. 4 (2010)
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