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Developing Connections in Landscape Design Theory: A New Use for Knowledge Maps
NACTA Journal (2000)
  • Ann Marie VanDerZanden, Oregon State University
Students from a variety of majors including horticulture, housing and interior design, business, criminal justice and art comprise the undergraduate Landscape Design Theory class at Oregon State University. This diversity of student majors means there is a wide range of student knowledge about the history of landscape design and creates a unique teaching opportunity. Knowledge maps were incorporated into the class, which capitalized on this diversity and encouraged student participation. Students in small groups worked together utilizing their collective knowledge of history and landscape design to create a knowledge map. The maps they developed encompassed the historical period from around 2000 BC to the early Twentieth Century and illustrated how many of the landscape design elements from those eras were related.
  • connections,
  • landscape design theory,
  • maps
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Copyright 2000 North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture
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Ann Marie VanDerZanden. "Developing Connections in Landscape Design Theory: A New Use for Knowledge Maps" NACTA Journal Vol. 44 Iss. 3 (2000) p. 30 - 32
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