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Insights from Spanish-Speaking Employees in the Iowa Horticultural Industry
Journal of Extension
  • Emilie Justen, Anoka Technical College
  • Cynthia L. Haynes, Iowa State University
  • Ann Marie VanDerZanden
  • Nancy Grudens-Schuck, Iowa State University
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Addressing the needs of Latino workers can help improve working conditions, job satisfaction, and productivity of both employees and the companies hiring Latino workers. The study reported here assessed educational needs, communication gaps, and technical skills of Latino workers working in the horticultural industry in Iowa—an ethnic group that is relatively new to Iowa. Focus groups were conducted with Latino workers and produced topics for educational programming and suggestions that could improve communications between predominantly English-speaking managers and Spanish-speaking Latino employees, and the horticultural knowledge of the Latino employees.

This article is from Journal of Extension 49 (2011): 6RIB8. Posted with permission.

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Emilie Justen, Cynthia L. Haynes, Ann Marie VanDerZanden and Nancy Grudens-Schuck. "Insights from Spanish-Speaking Employees in the Iowa Horticultural Industry" Journal of Extension Vol. 49 Iss. 6 (2011) p. 6RIB8
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