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Pre-service Teachers' Perceptions in Beginning Education Classes
Teaching and Teacher Education
  • W. Fajet
  • M. Bello
  • S. L. Ahwee
  • J. L. Mesler
  • Annis N. Shaver, Cedarville University
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Based on research concerning the influence and persistence of beliefs about teaching that pre-service teachers (students who are not yet teaching professionally) bring with them to their courses. This study used a survey and semi-structured interview to ascertain what students in a beginning education course felt were the qualities and determining characteristics of both good and poor teachers. Findings suggest that pre-service teachers conceive of teaching primarily as a task involving affective, interpersonal relationships rather than a profession requiring a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. The findings of this study can be useful in the process of developing teacher education programs.
  • Pre-service teacher education,
  • Higher education,
  • Teacher education,
  • Education majors,
  • Teacher characteristics,
  • Student perceptions
Citation Information
W. Fajet, M. Bello, S. L. Ahwee, J. L. Mesler, et al.. "Pre-service Teachers' Perceptions in Beginning Education Classes" Teaching and Teacher Education Vol. 21 Iss. 6 (2005) p. 717 - 727
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