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The Death of Peer Review?
UVU Ethics Awareness Week (2015)
  • Annie Smith
  • Dustin Fife

The peer-reviewed label is one of the most trusted symbols of quality in academic research. Professors and librarians often steer students towards scholarly sources. But what do we do when academic research is tainted? Scholars and researchers are regularly caught fabricating or falsifying data, plagiarizing, or resubmitting old papers to new journals. Some publications offer to publish any paper if the author is willing to pay a fee. Peer-review is becoming more and more an minimum-threshold concept, rather than a stamp of quality. This panel will discuss the ethical dilemmas of scholarly research and how to work toward information literate students that can evaluate resources, with or without a guaranteed stamp of approval.

  • Peer review,
  • scholarly publications,
  • ethics
Publication Date
September 23, 2015
Citation Information
Annie Smith and Dustin Fife. "The Death of Peer Review?" UVU Ethics Awareness Week (2015)
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