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What Television Can (and Can't) Do to Promote Early Literacy Development
YC: Young Children (2009)
  • Annie M. Moses, John Carroll University
  • McMullen Benson

The article focuses on a study which examined the impact of television programs on children's early literacy development in the U.S. The study revealed that entertainment television causes children to be less engaged in reading as well as in other educational activities. However, it found that watching educational programming can enhance literacy skills and behaviors early on and can promote academic motivation and interest. Moreover, it indicated that watching a moderate amount of educational programming will develop children's positive literacy habits and skills.

Publication Date
March, 2009
Citation Information
Annie M. Moses and McMullen Benson. "What Television Can (and Can't) Do to Promote Early Literacy Development" YC: Young Children Vol. 64 Iss. 2 (2009)
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