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Unpublished Paper
Where Are the Veterinarian Shortage Areas Anyway?
CARD Working Papers
  • Tong Wang, Iowa State University
  • David A. Hennessy, Iowa State University
  • Annette M. O'Connor, Iowa State Univresity
Publication Date
Series Number
10-WP 513
This paper describes an econometric model to evaluate factors associated with a county’s likelihood of being designated as a private practice shortage area under the United States’ Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program (VMLRP). Study determinants of equilibrium food animal veterinarian location choices were also evaluated and used as a benchmark to assess the shortage designation process. On the whole the program appears to perform quite well. For several states, however, VMLRP shortage designations are inconsistent with the model of food animal veterinarian shortages. Comparative shortage is generally more severe in states that have no VMLRP designated private practice shortage counties than in states that do.
Publication Information

This working paper was published as Wang, Tong, David A. Hennessy and Annette M. O'Connor, "Where are the food animal veterinarian shortage areas anyway?," Preventive Veterinary Medicine 104 (2012): 198–206, doi:10.1016/j.prevetmed.2011.12.017.

Citation Information
Tong Wang, David A. Hennessy and Annette M. O'Connor. "Where Are the Veterinarian Shortage Areas Anyway?" (2010)
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