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Sales, Exchanges, and Basis
Tax Lawyer (1996)
  • Alfred C. Groff
  • Erik M. Jensen
  • Patrick Crawford
  • John B. Duncan
  • H. Bryan Ives III
  • Allen J. Littman
  • Annette M. Nellen, San Jose State University
  • Carolyn S. Nachmias
Focuses on the legislations for the taxation of sales or exchange of broadcast properties in the United States. Issuance of tax certificates by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC); Evaluation of the FCC tax program standards; Requirements for the depreciation of tax-exempt use property.
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Citation Information
Alfred C. Groff, Erik M. Jensen, Patrick Crawford, John B. Duncan, et al.. "Sales, Exchanges, and Basis" Tax Lawyer Vol. 49 Iss. 4 (1996)
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