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The Borris Lace Collection: A Unique Irish Needlelace
  • Annette M Meldrum, Mrs, University of Wollongong
  • Marie L Laurie, Mrs

The tiny Irish village of Borris was once famous for its marvelous lace, and a rare private collection containing some of the finest examples is the inspiration for this beautiful book. It's a catalog of the collection, a guide to making Borris lace in 16 projects, and a rich tribute to the social, cultural, and historical significance of lacework to the specific region and to Ireland at large. The fascinating story of the social history is inextricably woven with the tragic Irish Potato Famine, and started out as a way for poor women to earn money for their families. The Borris Lace Collection will serve as an inspiration to lace-makers and as a permanent record of unique patterns and techniques that otherwise might have been lost forever.

  • needlelace,
  • Ireland,
  • history,
  • lace,
  • lacemaking,
  • Borris
Publication Date
Sally Milner Publishing
Citation Information
Annette M Meldrum and Marie L Laurie. The Borris Lace Collection: A Unique Irish Needlelace. (2010)
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