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The Reported Prevalence of Mandated Community Treatment in Two Florida Samples
Behavioral Sciences & the Law
  • Annette Christy, University of South Florida
  • Roger A. Boothroyd, University of South Florida
  • John Petrila, University of South Florida
  • Norman G. Poythress, University of South Florida
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Questions on multiple modes of mandated community treatment (e.g. outpatient commitment, advance directive, representative payee, and special housing) were included in two studies of persons with mental illness, using a mail survey of Medicaid enrollees receiving SSI and interviews conducted as part of an evaluation of a specialty mental health court. Results indicate that the majority of individuals reported no experience with any forms of mandated community treatment. However, respondents from the two samples who had been subject to community mandates reported comparatively similar experiences. Additional studies of the prevalence of mandated community treatment are necessary to garner expanded information regarding the use of such mandates. In addition, future studies must assure that the language employed to query individuals regarding such mandates is clearly understood by respondents, as certain terms (e.g. “outpatient commitment”) may mean different things to different respondents.

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Behavioral Sciences & the Law, v. 21, issue 4, p. 493-502

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Annette Christy, Roger A. Boothroyd, John Petrila and Norman G. Poythress. "The Reported Prevalence of Mandated Community Treatment in Two Florida Samples" Behavioral Sciences & the Law Vol. 21 Iss. 4 (2003) p. 493 - 502
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