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The Chief and the Church: Reflections from a Business Educator
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  • Annetta M. Gibson, Andrews University
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In this article I distinguish between “Church” with “C” and “church” with small “c.” Recently, a committee composed of several Seventh-day Adventist church employees—some from the General Conference and some from academia—was reviewing various agenda items when the chair noted that the General Conference had hired an individual to serve as “CIO”—Chief Information Officer. Questions were immediately raised: Why is the Church using business titles such as “Chief Financial Officer”? Why the emphasis on “Chief”? Aren’t we becoming more like a business when we use business titles and terms?
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Reflections: The BRI Newsletter
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School of Business Administration
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Annetta M. Gibson. "The Chief and the Church: Reflections from a Business Educator" Iss. 52 (2015) p. 3 - 7
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