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Connecting with Your Audience: Making Public Speaking Matter
  • Jenn Supple
  • Anne Marie H. Gruber, University of Northern Iowa
  • Reid Roberts
What makes this book different than other public speaking textbooks? Designed to get students speaking. Students will be on their feet and giving speeches (rather than providing a comprehensive treatment of public speaking theories) Identifies speech designs that serve to distinguish quiestions of fact, policy, and value. The authors assume that the controlling question at issue in a speech should lead to different speech designs which, in turn should elicit distincitvely different responses from listeners. Introduces a new way to present values in dispute speeches. When a question of value is at stake, this book helps students learn how to frame the possible worldview response of listeners as conclusion arrived at by a process of coming-to-understanding. Adopts a distictively audience-centered approach. Speakers should learn to ask the question "What do I want to have happen as a result of people hearing this presentation?" The answer to that question will fundamentally shape wise choices in speech design that seek distinctive responses. Provides a lot of resource material. Breakout boxes address common student questions and invite dialogical reflection. There are also recurring resource pages with speech outlines, checklists, instructor evaluation forms, and peer assessment comment forms. Is written from an information literacy perspective. Chapters incorporate strategies for developing information literacy, focusing on developing students' skills in finding, evaluating, and using quality web and library based resources. Provides a variable number speech assignments. Students can have 3-4 significant speech assignments designed to engage current questions which may help to prevent students using pre-existing, online speech outlines.
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Kendall Hunt Publishing
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Jenn Supple, Anne Marie H. Gruber and Reid Roberts. Connecting with Your Audience: Making Public Speaking Matter. First(2010)
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