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About Anne Wiley

I use stable isotopes and other molecular tools to study the ecology of modern and ancient animal populations. I am broadly interested in population ecology and human-mediated changes in animal diet and distribution. Much of my research focuses on oceanic seabirds, which regularly traverse thousands of kilometers as they forage on a diversity of marine fish and invertebrates. Oceanic seabirds can provide a unique perspective on food webs over the vast spatial scales at which they forage. They also provide a means of investigating interesting topics such as the relationship between genetic and foraging diversity in species that have few physical barriers to dispersal. My research has addressed topics such as individual specialization, population-level foraging segregation, and fishery-induced changes to marine food webs. I am also interested in the subjects of ecologically-mediated population divergence, salt loading in marine vertebrates, and radiocarbon dating.


Present Assistant Professor, The University of Akron
Present Department of Biology, The University of Akron

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Phone: 330-972-6489
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