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LAW 00117 Administrative Law 3rd edition
  • Anne Louise Schillmoller
Robin Creyke and John McMillan suggest that ‘the broad purpose of administrative law is to safeguard the rights and interests of people and corporations in their dealings with government agencies.’ Just as important, however, is the role played by administrative law in engendering sound decision-making and decision making processes. In this sense, administrative law is not just about placing controls on government action, nor safeguarding the rights of individuals in their dealings with the State, but it also provides the means by which good and accountable government administration is facilitated. The oversight of administrative action by courts and tribunals, together with other forms of administrative redress, thus have the effect both of ensuring government accountability and of improving the quality of administrative decisions andadministrative decision-making processes. (from the Introduction)
  • Administrative Law Legal Education
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Anne Louise Schillmoller. "LAW 00117 Administrative Law 3rd edition" (2010)
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