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Creating a Culture of Research Reputation through Research Information Management Systems
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  • Scott Warren, Syracuse University
  • Anne E. Rauh, Syracuse University
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Research institutions have increasingly strong needs to manage the reputations of their research portfolios. From primary investigators, to awarded grants, scholarly output and related media mention, universities need to be able to retrieve and integrate information about their research endeavors in order to successfully showcase impact at an institutional level. However, all too often this information is siloed and not easily discoverable, retrievable, or reusable. Syracuse University Libraries traditionally provide research reputation services to individual researchers, but recently collaborated with the Office of Research to expand this work in a systematic, scalable manner throughout the university via a pilot implementation of a Research Information Management System (RIMS). This partnership helped the Libraries demonstrate value in a new way to different stakeholders as an important member of the university research enterprise. The presenters will give an overview of RIMS, discuss the implementation of such a system at Syracuse University, outline challenges that implementing such systems present, and articulate why libraries should be involved in their operation. The speakers will also address impacts of the use of these systems, and their complex data needs, on the broader information community.
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Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
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Warren, Scott and Anne E. Rauh. “Creating a Culture of Research Reputation through Research Information Management Systems.” presented at NISO Virtual Conference, August 16, 2017.