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From One to Many: Creating a Culture of Research Reputation
Libraries' and Librarians' Publications
  • Scott Warren, Syracuse University
  • Anne E. Rauh, Syracuse University
  • Jen Hill, Elsevier
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Faculty and the institutions they work for have increasingly strong needs to manage their research reputations. Syracuse University Libraries assists individuals and institutional offices in determining metrics such as the H index, citation counts, altmetrics, etc. and provides context to these metrics. The first presenter will illustrate how the Libraries provide assistance in managing one's individual research reputation using subscription based and freely available tools. The second presenter will outline how institutional wide reputation is being cultivated in cooperation with other campus units. Lastly, the third presenter will discuss the value of and how a subscription based vendor is vital to helping individual researchers and institutions increase their research reputation. All three presenters will outline the resources needed to develop these tools and services - within the libraries, within the university, and while working with a subscription based vendor. They will discuss the challenges of capturing research output beyond traditional scholarly communication methods in these systems. Lastly they will share recommendations for developing research reputation management services at your own institution.
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Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
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Warren, Scott, Anne E. Rauh, and Jennifer Hill. “From One to Many: Creating a Culture of Research Reputation Management.” presented at the Charleston Conference, Charleston, SC, November 3, 2016.