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Elsevier Issues Takedown Notices for Papers on
  • Anne E. Rauh, Syracuse University
If you have ever posted a copy of an article that you have published in an Elsevier publication on, your article may have disappeared in early December. On December 6, 2013, scholars acrossthe internet began sharing that they had received word from that Elsevier had sent takedown notices and that their publications had been removed from the platform. The immediate response from Twitter and the blogosphere was outrage. “It is my work, how can they take that down,” was a common sentiment across many of the responses but here at Syracuse University Libraries, we’d like to dig a little further into why this can happen.
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Publication Date
January 16, 2014
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Anne E. Rauh. "Elsevier Issues Takedown Notices for Papers on" (2014)
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