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Untapped Potential: Seeking Library Donors Among Alumni of Distance Learning Programs
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  • Anne Marie Casey, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Michael Lorenzen
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In recent years, decreases in higher education budgets have forced academic libraries to rely more heavily on philanthropy in order to operate or expand collections. Alumni are the most obvious potential donors to an academic library. Many alumni recognize the library as part of their higher education experience and are happy to give to the library. For many institutions with distance learning programs, a growing number of alumni have never been to campus or have rarely visited but they may use and appreciate library services. However, few academic libraries have attempted to tap this source of potential donors. This paper examines the possibilities of soliciting donations from graduates of distance learning programs who were users of library resources.

Central Michigan University
Cleveland, OH
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Editors: Timothy Peters and Jennifer Rundels

Also published in the Journal of Library Administration, 50:5-6, 515-529, 2010

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Anne Marie Casey and Michael Lorenzen. "Untapped Potential: Seeking Library Donors Among Alumni of Distance Learning Programs" Mount Pleasant, MI(2010) p. 85 - 96
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