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Kindergartners Can Do It, Too! Comprehension Strategies for Early Readers
The Reading Teacher (2010)
  • Anne E. Gregory, Boise State University
  • Mary Ann Cahill, Boise State University
Comprehension strategy instruction has been widely studied in the past 10 years. We now know that students who actively engage and interact with text using particular cognitive strategies are more likely to understand and remember more of what they have read. Students who use these strategies are able to access knowledge that is outside the realm of their personal experience. These cognitive strategies have historically been successfully taught to students in the upper grades. However, until recently, there has been very little research that exists which examines the efficacy of teaching comprehension strategies and facilitating their use with emergent readers. This article depicts the teaching of these strategies in a kindergarten classroom and the resulting possibilities and explorations that occurred following successful strategy instruction.
Publication Date
March 1, 2010
Citation Information
Anne E. Gregory and Mary Ann Cahill. "Kindergartners Can Do It, Too! Comprehension Strategies for Early Readers" The Reading Teacher Vol. 63 Iss. 6 (2010)
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