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Trippy Trost Animated Gif for Neon Desert Music Festival
  • Anne M Giangiulio
I designed this animated gif which was projected on the side of a building in downtown El Paso, Texas for the annual Neon Desert Music Festival. Sponsored by the Texas Trost Society, it features a likeness of Henry C. Trost (1860–1933), an important architect who designed many of El Paso's most important buildings, with many bright colors in keeping with the eclectic and energetic spirit of the music festival.
  • Trippy Trost animated gif,
  • Neon Desert Music Festival 2017,
  • Anne M. Giangiulio Design,
  • Texas Trost Society
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Anne M Giangiulio. "Trippy Trost Animated Gif for Neon Desert Music Festival" (2017)
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