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Viva Trost! Wheatpaste
  • Anne M Giangiulio
My work was selected to participate in the juried exhibition “Urban Transformations: Visions of the Past and Future of El Paso” which took placeOctober 1, 2016–October 31, 2016 in downtown El Paso, Texas sponsored by the Texas Trost Society. My wheatpaste submission "Viva Trost!" was created with all the themes of Modern Renaissance, Historic Preservation, Sustainability, Urban Renewal, and El Paso’s future in mind. It honors Henry C. Trost (1860–1933), an important architect who designed many of El Paso's most important buildings.

It looks to the future while at the same time acknowledging El Paso’s past. In the design, I have utilized historic typefaces that would have been seen during El Paso’s early growth period, the Victorian Era, c. 1870s, 1880s.

One simply needs to look at pages of the El Paso Daily Herald newspaper from that era to see such typography widely in use. In my design, these overly decorative typefaces are combined with vibrant colors displaying the vitality of our bi-national heritage—a nod to Mexico and in general to living life to its fullest. It is bright, hopeful and fun. These same adjectives should be used to describe the future of downtown El Paso.
  • Texas Trost Society,
  • Anne M. Giangiulio Design,
  • Wheatpaste,
  • downtown El Paso
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Anne M Giangiulio. "Viva Trost! Wheatpaste" (2016)
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