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  • Anne M Giangiulio
Book cover and interior template I designed for Quicks by Kevin Waltman, published by Cinco Puntos Press.
It's D-Bow's senior year, his A-Game is ready, big-time colleges are taking notice, and he's dreaming big. What's really rattling D-Bow is the cocky white guy, Daryl Gibson, angling for his job at point. It's time for D-Bow to man up, and bring home a win for Marion High, his inner-city school in Indianapolis that’s never had a state championship. Quicks is the fourth and final book in Waltman's D-Bow High School Hoops series.s.
  • Quicks by Kevin Waltman,
  • Anne M. Giangiulio Design,
  • Cinco Puntos Press
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Anne M Giangiulio. "Quicks" (2016)
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