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  • Anne M Giangiulio
Book cover and interior template I designed for Pull by Kevin Waltman, published by Cinco Puntos Press.
Derrick has worked hard the last two years getting ready for his junior basketball season. He’s earned his coach’s trust and his role as the starting point guard for Marion East. Marion East has never won the Indiana state championship, but this year the team is Derrick’s. And Derrick is really good. Major colleges work feverishly to recruit him because now that he’s a junior, they can do it legally. Opponents worry when D-Bow steps onto the court. Derrick is ready to run teams off the court. If only he could get on the court and stay on it. Pull is the third book in Waltman's D-Bow High School Hoops series.
  • Pull by Kevin Waltman,
  • published by Cinco Puntos Press,
  • Anne Giangiulio Design,
  • Anne M. Giangiulio
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Anne M Giangiulio. "Pull" (2016)
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