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Migrant Smuggling
Routledge Handbook on Transnational Criminal Law (2015)
  • Anne T Gallagher, AO
Migrant smuggling -the unauthorized movement of individuals across national borders for the financial or other benefit of the smuggler - has emerged as a major issue of concern for States and the international community. This chapter provides a detailed analysis of the specialist legal framework around this issue that developed within the framework of transnational criminal law. It then examines the broader rules that come into play in relation to several migrant smuggling issues of high contemporary significance: interception and rescue at sea (with specific reference to international maritime law) and protection and return of smuggled migrants (with specific reference to international human rights law).
  • migrant smuggling,
  • organised crime,
  • organized crime,
  • migration,
  • migration law
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Neil Boister and Robert J. Currie
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Anne T Gallagher. "Migrant Smuggling" Routledge Handbook on Transnational Criminal Law (2015)
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