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Migration, Human Rights and Development: A Global Anthology
  • Anne T Gallagher, AO

Migration, Human Rights, and Development presents a unique collection of important, accessible, and sometimes provocative writing in the area of migration—with a particular focus on the human rights and development aspects of modern migration trends and responses. A detailed introduction by the editor is followed by four thematic sections that address: (i) the relationship and connections between human rights, migration, and development; (ii) key issues in migration and development, including impacts on source and destination countries, social costs, and the role of remittances; (iii) key issues in migration and human rights: the legal and policy frameworks and the rights of specific migrant groups, including refugees, workers, children, and women; and (iv) the future of migration. Is migration always positive for migrants, the countries they go to and the countries they leave behind? ? Can restrictions be justified? How do we address the very real challenges of global migration while preserving rights and promoting development? Each section includes an introduction to the theme, an overview of individual contributions and a set of questions for discussion.

  • migration,
  • development,
  • human rights
Publication Date
May, 2013
Anne T. Gallagher
Citation Information
Anne T Gallagher. Migration, Human Rights and Development: A Global Anthology. New York City(2013)
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