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What do You Mean? Finding Answers to Complex Questions
School of Information Studies: Faculty Scholarship
  • Anne R. Diekema, Utah State University
  • Ozgur Yilmazel, Syracuse University
  • Jiangping Chen, Syracuse University
  • Sarah Harwell, Syracuse University
  • Elizabeth D. Liddy, Syracuse University
  • Lan He, Syracuse University
Document Type
Conference Document
  • Reusable Launch Vehicles,
  • aerospace engineering,
  • TExt Retrieval Conference,
  • natural language processing,
  • NLP,
  • question-answering
This paper illustrates ongoing research and issues faced when dealing with real-time questions in the domain of Reusable Launch Vehicles (aerospace engineering). The question- answering system described in this paper is used in a collaborative learning environment with real users and live questions. The paper describes an analysis of these more complex questions as well as research to include the user in the question-answering process by implementing a question negotiation module based on the traditional reference interview.
Citation Information
Diekema, A. R., Yilmazel, O., Chen, J., Harwell, S., He, L., Liddy, E. D. 2003. What Do You Mean? Finding Answers to Complex Questions.
Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0