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POSTER - Fostering Stakeholder Engagement by Building Archivist Competencies.pptx
Society of American Archivists (2017)
  • Anne Daniel
  • Amanda Jamieson, Western University
  • Amanda Oliver, Western University
Technological competencies are required for most areas of an archivist’s professional practice. How does an archivist’s level of technological competency affect their engagement with records, researchers, stakeholders and colleagues? What are the core technical knowledge, skills, and abilities that the profession requires in order to engage with our stakeholders in a meaningful way? Archivists must engage with their communities where they are and how they want to receive information, which is increasingly online.

  • Archives,
  • Archivists,
  • Technology
Publication Date
Summer July, 2017
Portland, Oregon
Citation Information
Anne Daniel, Amanda Jamieson and Amanda Oliver. "POSTER - Fostering Stakeholder Engagement by Building Archivist Competencies.pptx" Society of American Archivists (2017)
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