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Effective re-teaching
Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties
  • Anne Bellert, Southern Cross University
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Peer Reviewed
This review focuses on the topic of re-teaching within a formative cycle of instruction, in regular classroom settings. Although re-teaching is assumed integral to effective teaching, learning, and formative assessment, effective re-teaching is but scantly described in pedagogical literature and has been neglected in empirical research. Teachers and school systems seeking to improve student achievement, especially for lower-achieving students, would be well-served by more information and evidence about effective re-teaching. Accordingly, this review follows a defined and replicable protocol, using four questions to explore the extent and detail of existing information about re-teaching and use this information as the basis for suggestions of approaches and strategies for effective re-teaching. The importance of effective re-teaching for students with learning difficulties is emphasised and the potential benefits of effective re-teaching on academic self-concept and motivation for students, and on teacher effectiveness, are discussed. Collecting evidence from practice and the need to quantify the effectiveness of re-teaching are proposed as key aspects of future research and development.
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Postprint of: Bellert, A 2015, 'Effective re-teaching', Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties, vol. 20, no. 2, pp. 163-183.

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