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Sustainable learning: Inclusive practices for 21st century classrooms.
  • Lorraine Graham
  • Jeanette Berman
  • Anne Bellert, Southern Cross University
Sustainable Learning: Inclusive Practices for 21st Century Classrooms provides readers with the knowledge and skills to be confident and effective inclusive teachers. The authors show that these skills are essential to quality teaching – teaching that is evidence-based, purposeful, relevant and responsive to students' needs. The book employs three overarching frameworks to examine inclusive practices in education: equity (learning for all), values (learning that matters) and sustainability (learning that lasts). See for more information. Also now available as an e-book. See
  • inclusion,
  • sustainable,
  • teaching,
  • learning,
  • quality teaching,
  • evidence-based practice
Publication Date
Cambridge University Press
Citation Information
Lorraine Graham, Jeanette Berman and Anne Bellert. Sustainable learning: Inclusive practices for 21st century classrooms.. Melbourne, VIC(2015)
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