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Unpublished Paper
Web 2.0 and Other Web Technologies at UVU
  • Anne M Arendt

Whereas the original Web was more of a one-way medium with content going from the publisher to the reader, Web 2.0 is a bi-directional medium where people interact with each other and/or with the content. Basically, it is a change from an environment with a few content authors and many readers to one in which users generate, re-purpose, and consume shared content.

There is a seemingly ever-increasing interest in using Web 2.0 related technologies. Some examples of incoming requests include: Interactive Catalog of Engagement Opportunities, searchable/filterable calendaring and event posting system, E-portfolio system, collaborative communication platform, and podcasting. Equally, there are a number of individual entities and groups on campus using Web 2.0 to enhance their Web sites, communications, or tools available. This can be seen in the list of Social Media projects we currently have on campus:

Publication Date
Fall 2009
Citation Information
Anne M Arendt. "Web 2.0 and Other Web Technologies at UVU" (2009)
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