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Electron Penetration Range for Diverse Materials
Utah State University Student Research Symposium (2015)
  • Anne C. Starley, Utah State University
  • Lisa M. Phillipps, Utah State University
  • JR Dennison, Utah State University
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The penetration range of energetic electrons into diverse materials can be modeled approximately with a simple fit. This fit is a function of a single parameter, Nv, which describes the effective number of valence electrons. Using the Continuous-Slow-Down-Approximation (CSDA) for energy deposition in a material, a composite analytical formula has been developed which estimates the range or maximum penetration depth of incident electrons for energies from10 MeV with an uncertainty of

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Anne C. Starley, Lisa M. Phillipps and JR Dennison. "Electron Penetration Range for Diverse Materials" Utah State University Student Research Symposium (2015) (2015)
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