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Teachers of Multiculturalism as Subjects of Transformative Learning
Journal on Excellence in College Teaching
  • Jane Davis, Iowa State University
  • Anne Richards, Kennesaw State University
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The authors focused on the experiences of teachers involved in two diversity initiatives at Iowa State University in order to demonstrate that such initiatives succeed only if they are characterized by the mutuality of learning that teachers and students share, which is an intrinsic part of transformative education. Multicultural teaching heightened the authors' awareness of the importance of the need for educators to engage in self-analysis of the attitudes they bring to their classes as a result of their own racial and ethnic backgrounds, and the experience underscored the essential nature of promoting pluralism in our classrooms, in our lives, and in our students' lives.

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Davis, Jane and Anne R. Richards. "Teachers of Multiculturalism as Subjects of Transformative Learning." The Journal of Excellence in College Teaching 18.2 (2007).