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Muslims and American Popular Culture
2014 Faculty Bookshelf
  • Anne Richards, Kennesaw State University
  • Iraj Omidvar, Southern Polytechnic State University

Unfortunately, American mass media representations of Muslims—whether in news or entertainment—are typically negative and one-dimensional. As a result, Muslims are frequently viewed negatively by those with minimal knowledge of Islam in America. This accessible two-volume work will help readers to construct an accurate framework for understanding the presence and depictions of Muslims in American society.

These volumes discuss a uniquely broad array of key topics in American popular culture, including jihad and jihadis; the hejab, veil, and burka; Islamophobia; Oriental despots; Arabs; Muslims in the media; and mosque burnings. Muslims and American Popular Culture offers more than 40 chapters that serve to debunk the overwhelmingly negative associations of Islam in American popular culture and illustrate the tremendous contributions of Muslims to the United States across an extended historical period.

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  • muslims,
  • american popular culture,
  • jihad,
  • hejab,
  • burka,
  • oriental despots,
  • arabs,
  • mosque burnings
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Anne Richards and Iraj Omidvar. Muslims and American Popular Culture. Santa Barbara, CA(2014)
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