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About Anne T. McKenna

Anne McKenna joined Penn State Law from the law firm of Silverman/Thompson/Slutkin/White (STSW), where she chaired the firm’s cyber and privacy law group. Ms. McKenna is a nationally recognized trial attorney and author in cyber, privacy, electronic surveillance, and cellular law. She brings over two decades of complex civil litigation and privacy law practice along with a decade of adjunct teaching experience. Ms. McKenna has represented large and small businesses, educational clients, and individuals in litigation and non-litigation matters involving workplace privacy and surveillance, data practices, data breach and data theft, website privacy policies and terms of use, cellular practices, geolocation tracking, online content and speech, online torts, content take-downs, electronic surveillance statutory claims, and privacy. Ms. McKenna has consulted with government officials about wiretapping, computer and cellular searches, geolocation tracking, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Since 2013, Ms. McKenna served as the Principal Legal Consultant for the Police Foundation and Department of Justice-COPS’s initiative on UAVs in community policing. 

In 1995, Ms. McKenna co-authored the treatise, Wiretapping & Eavesdropping, 2d Ed.,(Fishman & McKenna), a two-volume, in-depth treatise addressing all aspects of electronic surveillance law, and in 2007, Ms. McKenna co-authored a third edition, Wiretapping & Eavesdropping: Surveillance in the Internet Age, (Fishman & McKenna), expanding the treatise to four volumes. The United States Courts of Appeal for the Fifth, Seventh, and Ninth Circuits, numerous lower federal courts, and multiple state supreme courts have cited the second and third editions of Wiretapping. In 2004, Ms. McKenna began co-authoring the seminal evidence treatise, Jones on Evidence, 7th Ed., (Fishman & McKenna). The United States Courts of Appeal for the Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Ninth, Eleventh Circuits, and the District of Columbia Circuit have all cited Jones. Both treatises have been cited in dozens of scholarly articles and peer-reviewed journals, and are well-known resources for attorneys and law enforcement. Ms. McKenna’s other publications include cybercrime reports for Westlaw, a host of blogs and short articles about cyber and privacy law, and a law review article.   

As a result of her work in the electronic surveillance and privacy law fields, Ms. McKenna has been at the forefront of civil litigators working in the increasingly intersecting fields of cyber technology, the web, electronic surveillance, and privacy law. Ms. McKenna has served on numerous legal panels, presented her works at multiple conferences, and is a regularly invited speaker at universities, businesses, bar organizations, and schools to discuss cyber issues, privacy, and the law. Ms. McKenna is frequently consulted by and quoted in local and national TV and print news media. Among her pro bono work, Ms. McKenna has represented and advised many victims of revenge porn and online stalking and obtained a published First Amendment victory in Connecticut’s Supreme Court for the right of a murder victim’s family to post missing person posters.


Present Professor of Practice, Dickinson School of Law
Visiting Assistant Professor, Penn State Law


Research Interests

privacy, internet law, cyber law, surveillance, wiretapping, evidence, data breach, biosecurity, and cybercrime

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  • Information Privacy Law
  • Evidence
  • Civil Procedure


JD, The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law
BA, The Catholic University of America

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Federal Court Citations to Wiretapping (15)