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Exploring education for Digital Librarian
  • Anna Maria Tammaro
  • Susan Myburgh
Exploring Education for Digital Librarians provides a refreshing perspective on the discipline and profession of Library and Information Science (LIS), with a focus on preparing students for careers as librarians who can deal with present and future digital information environments. A re-examination of the knowledge base of the field, combined with a proposed theoretical structure for LIS, provide the basis for this work, which also examines competencies for practice as well as some of the international changes in the nature of higher education. The authors finally suggest a model that could be used internationally to educate librarians for their new roles and social responsibilities in a digitised, networked world.
  • Education Digital Libraries
Publication Date
Chandos Publishing
Information Professionals Series
Citation Information
Anna Maria Tammaro and Susan Myburgh. Exploring education for Digital Librarian. Oxford Cambridge Philadelphia New Delhi(2013)
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