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Trust or Bust?: Questioning the Relationship Between Media Trust and News Attention
Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media (2012)
  • Ann E Williams, Georgia State University
This article establishes the theoretical significance of media trust and explores the relationships between individuals' levels of media trust and news attention. Three distinct types of media trust are introduced: 1) trust of news information, 2) trust of those who deliver the news, and 3) trust of media corporations. The findings indicate that these different types of media trust relate to news attention in distinct ways, specifically when examined across medium. The theoretical significance of the findings are discussed and contextualized in light of an evolving media environment.
  • Trust,
  • Media,
  • News,
  • Attention,
  • Public Opinion,
  • Public Understanding
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Citation Information
Williams, Ann E. (2012). Trust or bust?: Questioning the relationship between media trust and news attention. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 56(1), 116-131.