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About Ann E. Russell

Dr. Russell is a terrestrial ecosystems ecologist, with special expertise in the biogeochemistry of tropical and managed ecosystems. Her research addresses links between plant-species traits and ecosystems processes, focusing on species and management effects on belowground processes, and subsequent implications for human impacts on soil fertility and carbon sequestration. The significant contribution of her research is that it sheds light on basic theory regarding effects of plant diversity and species composition on the landscape, and the mechanisms by which species influence the structure and functioning of ecosystems. In her field and modeling research in experimental tropical and corn-belt agricultural systems, she investigates linkages between plant production (quantity, chemistry and allocation of above- and belowground components), soil organic matter (SOM) quantity and quality, microbial activity, soil respiration, decomposition, and net N mineralization. She explores management and species effects on soil carbon dynamics using process-based models, including CENTURY, and statistical models. Her research is designed to enhance our understanding of human impacts on the biosphere, improve biogeochemical models, and help guide selection of species for management of agroecosystems in a sustainable manner.


Present Adjunct Associate Professor, Iowa State University Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management

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