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Competencies Needed for Entry-Level Student Affairs Work: Views from Mid-Level Professionals
College Student Affairs Journal
  • Ann M Gansemer-Topf, Iowa State University
  • Andrew Ryder, University of North Carolina - Wilmington
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The ACPA/NASPA Professional Competencies for Student Affairs were designed to articulate skills needed for effective practice. However, since its first publication in 2010, little research has been done to understand whether these competencies align with the skills needed to be successful student affairs professionals. This qualitative study examined mid-level supervisors’ perceptions of the skills needed for effective entry-level student affairs work and compared these responses to the ACPA/NASPA competencies. Mid-level manager’s perceptions of skills aligned with stated competencies with some minor discrepancies noted. These findings have implications for practice, graduate preparation programs, potential revisions to the competencies and future research.

This article is published as Gansemer -Topf, A.M. & Ryder, A. (2017). Competencies needed for Entry-level Student Affairs Work: Views from Mid-level Professionals. College Student Affairs Journal; 35(1); 40-54. Posted with permission.

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Southern Association for College Student Affairs
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Ann M Gansemer-Topf and Andrew Ryder. "Competencies Needed for Entry-Level Student Affairs Work: Views from Mid-Level Professionals" College Student Affairs Journal Vol. 35 Iss. 1 (2017) p. 40 - 54
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